3 Useful Applications of CNC Machining and Laser Cutting

CNC machining and laser cutting make it possible to create a variety of metal designs. These designs, however, are not limited to custom metal signage. Instead, they can be used to create custom metal art for a variety of purposes. Three of these purposes are outlined below.

Metal Logo Awards

Staff appreciation is important for business success.  Statistics show that “69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were being appreciated.”  Incentive programs are commonly used to show appreciation. Merging awards with these incentive programs can result in an even greater boost in staff morale.  CNC machining and laser cutting facilitate the creation of metal logo awards that are truly unique to your business. The durability of the material means that the awards will last a lifetime and are, therefore, great keepsakes.

Metal Business Cards

Metal business cards are a new trend on the market. They merge the traditional elements of business cards with functionality.  For instance, a metal business card could take the form of a bottle opener. So, it would be something that customers keep. Printed business cards often get thrown out. Functional metal business cards tend to stick around.

Metal business cards also increase the professional look of your brand.  People who see them will think, “Wow! This is amazing!” They then become a conversation piece that remains etched in people’s minds.  Memorability builds interest and ultimately boosts sales.

Metal Art

Metal art is a form of expression. It can take the form of a statement piece that brings new life to a space. Three dimensional metal art creates that wow factor that compels people to stop and take a second look.


CNC machining and laser cutting can transform virtually any type of metal into something useful. ShieldCo focuses on using these tools and techniques to create custom business signage. However, there are other applications such as metal logo awards, metal business cards and metal art.  Let metal help you make the right statement.

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