3 Factors to Consider when Creating Custom Metal Signage

Custom metal signage makes a bold statement. Sharp edges, clean lines, and the right powder coating should be enough to get your business signage seen by potential customers right? It is true that these factors add to the visual appeal of business signage. However, the sign’s design trumps all of these factors. The design must complement the business’ location, backdrop against which the sign will be placed, and the target customer.

The Business’ Location

Signs help people find your business. They should, therefore, be placed in areas where they can easily be seen. Size also matters. The larger the lettering, the easier it is to read. You should also choose a font that can easily be read at a distance. 

Business signage should also complement the vibe of the area in which the business is located. For instance, if your business is located in a trendy commercial district, your sign should reflect this hip, cool vibe. All of this should also be in-line with the area’s business signage zoning restrictions. This doesn’t mean, however, that it should totally go against what your business stands for. Making the best use of your sign, therefore, means strategically positioning it and merging the vibe of your environment with the message of your brand.

The Backdrop

The backdrop should provide the right contrast for your sign.  The backdrop should be a solid color. Placing a bold metal sign against a solid color backdrop actually increases the viewer’s retention of the content.

Additionally, the backdrop should complement the colors of the sign in a meaningful way. It is important to consider colors that are appropriate for the product or service being sold. For instance, if our business is selling male suits, pink and gold wouldn’t be the best colors to use.  The colors you should in essence reflect your brand’s personality and work well together.

The Target Customer

Everything in your business comes right back to the customer. Your business signage must appeal to the customers you are trying to attract. Your logo, typography and overall design must pay homage to your target audience’s likes. Yes, your logo should be relevant and timeless. However, the overall business signage design should incorporate the logo in such a way that it appeals to your target demographic.


Pay keen attention to the elements discussed in this article. Your custom metal signage could be gorgeous, but if it isn’t strategically positioned, created at the right size, placed against the right backdrop, and doesn’t appeal to the target audience, the money you spent creating it would be wasted.

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