How ShieldCo Utilizes Cutting-Edge Technology to Create Stunning Logo-Based Business Signage

Mediocrity is never an option for the team at ShieldCo. Each custom metal sign we produce utilizes CNC machining and powder coating that truly make your sign shine. Our aim is to effectively incorporate your logo into the high quality metal signs we produce so that your brand can get the visibility it needs. This article provides you with a glimpse into the beauty of the products we use.

CNC Machining

Technology was created to simplify business processes. CNC machining allows us to use high-tech computers to control the machines we use to create custom metal signage. This makes the boost precision and enables multiple iterations of the same design to be created.  What truly makes CNC machining unique, however, is the numerical coding associated with the computer software that controls the feed rate, coordination, location, and speeds of the machines we use.

A 3D CAD drawing is created for each custom metal sign we use.   The CAD drawing then creates a numerical code that can be understood by the CNC machine’s program. We then run a test to ensure that there aren’t any glitches. Once no glitches have been identified, we create the metal sing you need. The CNC machine makes it simple for us to create any design, regardless of its complexity.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting transforms a metal sign into a work of art.  ShieldCo has some of the best laser cutting technology in the industry. The high powered laser enables us to utilize virtually any type of metal to create precisely shaped designs.  Like the CNC machine, the laser is guided by the CAD drawing specifically created for your metal sign.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is the decorative finish we apply to all of our metal signs. It protects the signs from the wear and tear often caused by the environment. Electrostatic spraying is used to apply the charged powder particles to the sign’s surface. A variety of colors are available which, therefore, makes it simple for us to create custom metal signs in any color. You can choose a traditional silver metallic finish or utilize the colors of your brand. Whatever your choice, we’ll make it happen.


ShieldCo strives to use the best technology to create custom metal signs that are truly works of art. Our CNC machine, laser cutting techniques, and powder coating ensure that you get a high quality metal sign that helps your business make a bold impression.

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