Incorporating Custom 3D Metal Signage into Unique Architectural Designs

Incorporating Custom 3D Metal Signage into Unique Architectural Designs

Modern architecture focuses on sleek, edgy designs that often leave onlookers in awe. Sharp edges, go-green construction, texture, open concept living spaces, and multiple master suites are some of the 2017 architectural design trends that have added flair to both residential and commercial properties. Coupling these features with spectacular 3D metal signage truly makes a space unique. This article highlights 7 ways that 3D metal signage can be used to add the extra oomph a space needs.

Use a 3D Letter Name Board

A feature wall adds character to open concept spaces. Whether it’s an intimate restaurant or an open concept living space in your home, a feature wall adds a focal point that makes a space truly unique. You can use your feature wall to feature the name of your business or a word that your family lives by. The fact is that a well-designed 3D metal sign helps you make the right first impression.

Add Texture

Unpolished and rugged 3D metal signage is a current trend. Using a combination of materials, you can create a focal piece that adds visual interest. Treatments can be used to mimic the look of wood or stone. Such treatments transform an ordinary 3D metal sign into a work of art.

Go Vintage

Repurposing vintage signs can give a space a retro feel. The eclectic 3D metal signs you can create by combining old signs can easily become a work of art. Additionally, they’ll help you put save a bit of money.

Use Bold Colors

Metal signage provides bold impact for a space. Gray and silver are the often the colors of choice for 3D metal signage. However, taking the risk of adding vibrant colors adds the right level of vibrancy to a space. Green (symbolic of nature, healing, growth and success) is a trending color. Consider adding pops of green 3D signage to your space.

Add Illumination

You want your 3D signage to stand out day and night. Inserting LED bulbs into the lettering adds the right level of illumination. The glow provides just the right emphasis.

Follow the Go-Green Trend

Global warming is a real threat to our survival. Modern architecture focuses on ways to make buildings as environmentally friendly as possible. Ecofriendly signs utilize partial or completely recycled materials. They also use inks that don’t emit unhealthy fumes without compromising the longevity of the sign. Search for eco-friendly 3D signs and you’ll help preserve the environment.


Modern architecture facilitates creative 3D metal signage. You can incorporate 3D metal signs into your office or home using the tips outlined in this article. Don’t forget to go-green, use 3D letters, add texture, platy with colors, and add illumination. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, play with vintage designs. All of these tips will help you create a piece that can truly be considered a work of art.

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