Custom Business Signage – The Science of Signs

So, what is it that is so special about the Moulin Rouge sign, or about the HOLLYWOOD sign, or the Las Vegas signboard for that matter? Is it just a matter of chance that all these are a huge hit? No! Niet! Nix! All these signs are nothing but typical representations of research-backed custom business signage. Yes, there is a lot of thought and deliberation that goes behind every signage that becomes synonymous with a business or an entity.

The Science that Goes behind it

Signs do a lot more for any business that we think they do. Not only do they draw the prospects’ attention and communicate the right kind of message, but also let you thrive amidst competition, helps define your identity in public eyes, and reach out visually of anyone who passes by. And, it is not about how much artistry they have on them, but to what an extent they are a fit according to the aspects that matter to the customers. It is about how much research has gone into it, so as to produce indoor or outdoor signage that makes an effect the way it should. And, what cannot be forgotten before you design or install any kind of signage is, the sign regulations. Without that, your sigh could very well prove to be a distraction for the drivers on the highway and only do disservice to them as well as you.

So, there are a number of scientific factors that matter in the making of any sort of signage:

1.      Size

Whether it is exterior signage, or interior, size certainly matters. The bigger the sign is, the better the visibility it offers. This is why the big budget brands always display huge adverts on billboards and semi-trucks. The highway always demands that kind of signage to be effective enough. When it comes to off the highway, or even inside the office, size still matters. You cannot goof up with it. You need to keep in mind the readability and visibility no matter where it is

2.      Location

Choosing the best location for any kind of signage is a science in itself. You want it to be visible to drivers on the highway, or on the road, but your business may be situated far from it. All it takes for a driver to travel a quarter of a mile is 16.5 seconds. So, that is all the time you have to get their attention. So, how you place it atop your roof is an essential aspect. The color, the size, the angle, the height – everything is important. Even if you talk of office signs, you need to place it where people can see it conspicuously. It adds to their experience in your premises.

3.      Viewer Psychology

You must agree that more than 13% of the American population is aged above 65 years. And, that also includes drivers as well as pedestrians. So, declining eyesight is what you have to keep in mind while designing your signs. Do consider that people are pretty prone to cataract after 40, so whatever you display must be big and bold enough for this section of people to view and make sense out of.

Remember, any custom business signage that ends up representing your business without research may do you more disservice than service. 

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