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Optimize My Site

We have been in business now for three years selling custom metal signage to hundreds of different companies and individuals. We are taking a closer look at our website and are looking to optimize it for the keywords that are most beneficial to us. This is a daunting task. We have had success over the past three years but we want to get better. What if the changes we make hurt us? We will have spent time and money and we will be worse! What if we change something and are unable to change it back?? It is a scary proposition but you can't get better by being scared and there are a lot of nice website that help you make the best decisions. One that we found and really like is Optimize My Site - - which shows you in detail all of the areas in which your website is lacking. You plug your website into their tool and you will find each instance in which your title tag is missing, or your description tags are lacking. All in a very readable format so you have a direct list of things to do. Tools like Optimize My Site will help ShieldCo reach our goals of bringing state of the art three dimensional signage to cutting edge companies across Maryland and the United States.

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