How Lighted and Non Lighted Custom Business Signage can be an Effective Advertising Solution

A unique, attractive, and creative sign is surely the first impression of your business on the targeted customers. Well–designed custom business signage showcases an impressive style, professionalism, and overall presence of your business. Basically, it will convey to people who you are, what you do, and where you are located. In simpler words, it reflects your business image to others.

Well, there are a number of trends in signage, that are ruling the market, but one of the most popular ones is lighted and non lighted signs. Both of these are considered as popular choices for those looking for something creative and distinct for their business.

Nowadays, customers are highly attuned to marketing messages, and can quickly pick up on visual cues such as exterior signage. You can make your business or enterprise easier to find with an outdoor light box sign. Hence, these are the perfect branding and advertising solutions. Agreed?  

But before we go on to use these, let’s have a look at the difference between the uses of lighted and non lighted signs-

Lighted Signs

Catches Customers’ Attention

It is a fact that eyes get attracted towards light and vibrant things, which is why lighted signs are able to grab more attention than the non-lighted ones. Simple! If you have signage with the right graphic element and light, it will look spectacular even in the daytime when lights are on. So, it is always a good idea to go for lighted outdoor signage as it looks amazing throughout the day, be it bright or dark outside.

Better Visibility!

Bright lighted signage placed at a good spot can help your customers find you even from a distance. This works really great when you have first-time clients visiting your business, and you don’t want them to have a hard time in finding your place. Visible signage equals more customers.

Now let’s have a look how non lighted signs are also a good idea. Here are some reasons:

Costs Less

If you are looking for attractive outdoor signage that can be installed at a really low price, non lighted ones are a great choice to go for. Because of the material and technology required for these, installing them is an affordable option in comparison to the others. 

Requires Less of Professional Maintenance

Over time, any sign will start to wear out; however, non-lighted signboards last for longer time period than the lighted ones. Moreover, these don’t even require professional maintenance to last for a longer time span - pretty easy to maintain.   

Good for Indoors as Well

If you think only lighted signage is a good idea, you need to give it a thought again. Non lighted signage works brilliantly for indoor and can be used for various purposes. It can be used as safety signs, like fire exists, directional signs, office signs etc. Also, it can bear the logo of your company, be a promo announcer, and some of it can be exclusively designed to add extra features.

In short, both lighted and non lighted custom business signage are an interesting and the simplest way to advertise or promote a business. But, you need to understand that both of them have distinct features and roles to play. So, you must know what you are looking for in order to buy the best product. 

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