How much should you spend on a sign?

If you are expecting the article to begin with a clear, curt answer to the question, it is NO! Any sort of custom business signage must not cost you a leg and an arm unless you are falling for some unrealistic promises. Well, there is a lot that your signage can do for you, but it doesn’t mean that you must spend on it recklessly. In fact, investing on implementing marketing strategies does require some considerable capital that must be kept aside for it (including business signs), and these do pay back in full measure, but only in due time. However, this certainly does not require you spending off limits, because you must do everything remaining in the viable limits of your budget.

How Much does Signage Cost Anyway?

There are a lot of different types to signage, and it totally depends on what kind you with to choose – the permanent exterior signage, the temporary outdoor/indoor banners, the small sized portable one. You can start from as low as $20 and go as high as $5000 or even more. So, here is a basic round up of how it goes.

·         Durable Signs

Roof-top business boards, store fronts, and other kinds of durable/permanent ones usually start ranging between $300 and $600 depending on the size, placement, lighting, colors, and craftsmanship involved. That is pretty basic. If you are looking for attractive, quality outdoor signage, odds are that you will have to shell out a few 100 more for a minimum basic board. You can get decent work done starting from $1000, and yes, there may be no upper limit for it, but you need to see your budget and the marketing requirements of your business. And, the choices here are many; you could go for aluminum signage, alumalite, MDO, acrylic, and so much more. And, it is primarily the material, the cost will vary with.


·         Temporary Signs

For promotion at events, what one may prefer is something that is low on cost, less bulky, but still attractive. Businesses do not prefer using metal signage for this purpose. Plastic banners, flex, magnetic vehicle signs, window splashes, and the like, are much less durable (usually custom made for just one-time use). These are pretty economical, and can start from even $20. Even the most elaborate and big ones are not likely to cost you anything above $400-$500.

So, Is it Just the Sign Board You are Paying for?

Nay! Nope! Niet!

When we talk of signage, no matter if outdoor or office signs, we do count in a lot many factors.

·         The raw material that goes in is of course, accounted for.

·         The labor that goes into the making of any sort of signage will be included.

·         The quote that any signage company gives you will also usually install it.

·         The charge will also include the company taking care of the regulations as laid by the law for the display of sign boards.


To be honest, it is quite a deal, but you must look for a custom business signage company that does cater to all that, and is reliable. That way, it really won’t drill a hole in your pocket. 

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