What does signage say about your company?

Wish to Speak Volumes about Your Enterprise? Signage to the Rescue!

We know what the check sign on a billboard means (Nike!). We also know what a bitten apple logo means (Apple Inc.). So, what we can gather is that your custom business signage is one of the best ways for your business to get itself recognized among public (even if only visually.) But what do you say a bitten apple signifies? Basically, it was just the visual appeal and an unusual name that caught up. And, there are signs that totally highlight their logo and some that just include it as a part. But, believe if you will, a lot of hard work goes into bringing that on. And, for that, you must know what any sort of indoor or outdoor signage signifies about any business. So, here is what it says about your business:

·         It’s Actually Your Identity

McDonalds, Heineken, Hollywood – you can see these signs from far far away, and recognize them instantly. Clearly, these have become the identities of these brands. And, so will your sign for you, provided you design it intelligently. In fact, logo designing plays a very vital part in this process, and it is never a bad idea to seek some professional advice. Since people are going to recognize your brand with this very signage, you must be careful with it.

·         It Conveys the Right Idea about You

Well, now, an apple may not really tell you that we are talking of computers, smart phones and other gadgets, it is only time that made them such a phenomenon. As far as your signage is concerned, especially exterior signage, people prefer clarity over confusion any given day. Whatever you have on your business sign helps the on-looker create a picture about you in their imagination. And, what you must trust is that if you send the right kind of message, the right kind of audience will be attracted and converted into clientele.

·         It Exhibits Your Marketing Strategy at Work

Oh yes, of course! It definitely does that – reflect how much effort you have put into marketing your brand. While it conveys the broad idea about your enterprise, it also works as marketing technique, at a much lesser expense than advertising it on TV and social media. It makes you visible 24*7. Remember how they put it – out of sight, out of mind? So, the more you are seen; the longer you are seen, the deeper impact you make on the clients’ memory.

Now that we know what custom business signage can do for us, let’s see what we can do for it, so as to make it impactful.

What is It that Makes a Sign Worth the Attention?

·         Number one is definitely readability. It should be legible, with colors that not only are noticeable but also go with the image of the business.

·         It should be visible conspicuously. The placement and the material must be such as keeps it in sight 24*7.

·         It should stand out; don’t make it run of the mill.

·         It must not be too intricate. Catching the attention while still keeping it simple. KISS is the rule.

·         It should be clean and prim.

·         There must be no mistakes; no goof ups; no spelling errors.

So, ask not what interior and exterior signage can do for you, ask what you can do for your signage. 

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