Logo Design and Signage

A logo is not just fluff that you can very well do without. The juncture at which the arena of marketing stands, a logo is an essential. As of today, you can hardly see any custom business signage that doesn’t have the business logo on it. And, it doesn’t take much to understand why.

But, well if you are still undermining the role of logos on signage, there are certain things that you must know.

Understanding the Need for a Logo

Pepsi has a logo, so does BMW, as does Louis Vuitton. But does that reflect that only big brands need a logo? No!

The truth is that every brand, every business starts as something which people do not really recognize initially. The best way to get yourself that sort of visual of recognition which strikes people at the very first sight has a major role to play when it comes to marketing your enterprise. So, whether it is on your papers, interior signage or exterior signage, logos matter. If you have one that is well-designed, there is all possibility of popularity, at least visually. But, well, don’t forget; it won’t work if you do not offer much value to your clients.

What about the Logo Design?

Right, this is of indispensible essence. If it is not well-designed, do not expect great public response. Seriously! There is a lot of thinking, aesthetic sense, and marketing strategy that goes into the making of a logo that can capture people’s attention. So, it goes without saying that professional help will be needed; not only in design but also in giving it a concrete shape on your business sign. It is more so a necessary if you are planning to capture the attention with outdoor signage

So, keep some things in mind:

·         It must be readable.

·         It should convey a clear message.

·         Quirky ones do work but then, these should not confuse your prospective clients.

·         Whether you use metal signage or LEDs, just make sure that the logo is obvious and doesn’t fall back to oblivion because of the text or design on the sign.

·         The brand name should preferably be there in the logo, making it more emphatic, as it promotes the company name conspicuously.

·         Keep it bold. It makes all the sense to highlight it and make it visible from a distance.

·         It is indeed a good idea to use your logo even on the office signs. It will come in handy making a good brand presence when clients visit your premises.

·         Keep in mind that it reflects the character of the business. This is why you shall have to be very careful in choosing the color and font that go along. Overtly intricate fonts or glaringly loud colors can overkill it if these do not go with the image of your business. Similarly, if you are a pub or the like, too plain a font or too light a color can leave you totally unimpressive.

So, do make sure you follow this, because a logo can many a time define your future, just like Apple. And yes, do not forget to add it on your custom business signage

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