Powder Coated Metal Vs Other Painted Metals – What you need to know.

Wet paint is the most traditional treatment method that is used to coat the surface of automotive exteriors, outdoor signage, and large or heavy items. But, did you know there is a much better alternative than wet paint?

If no, you are mistaken! Powder coating treatment is far more efficient than other paints. Enlisted below are the benefits that will elucidate how powder coated metal is better than other painted metals –

Durable and Resistant

Durability and resistance are the features of powder coating. Unlike wet paint, powder coats are resistant to chipping, scratching and wear down because a thermal bonding process is done during the coating of metals.

High Quality Finish

In comparison to other paints, it provides a more uniform coating, which gives a neat and good finish to the product. This is why most of the companies opt for it to give a high quality finish to custom business signage and automobiles.

Cost-Effective Operational Costs

Price is the major concern for businesses when they have to hire metal painting experts. Luckily, powder coatings are more cost effective than other paints, thus helping businesses save their money. Moreover, a larger painting area is covered with it that consequently results in lower material costs. Additionally, it also helps reduce costs of operational labor because this job can be done by an operator training and supervision person.

However, it is not the end! There are additional features that make it stand apart from other metal paints. Less waste production, lower energy costs, reduced disposal costs and less rework, to name a few, are its massive advantages.

High-End Safety

When it comes to safety, we cannot trust wet paints for interior as well as exterior signage. This is because it is flammable, carcinogenic and full of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which can cause hazardous outcomes if handled inappropriately.

However, there is no such problem with the powder coatings. The material used for it is VOC-free and contains no solvents. Hence, the risk of hazardous outcomes, which is potentially high in wet spray materials, is highly reduced in this case.


Wet painting can affect the environment because it is not VOC free. However, powder coatings have no solvents and VOC, which is why polluting the environment is not a result that stems from these paints. In all, it is a more environment-friendly paint as compared to wet paint.

Easy Recycling

Recycling is possible with powder coating, which is certainly not the case with the wet paint. Moreover, a clean process is possible with the powder coating which helps provide a perfection and good finish to the material.


With the provided information, you must have gained knowledge about which process is the better for painting metals. So, if you were doubtful about which process to choose for the signage of your brand, you must opt for powder coating process, whether it is for metal signage or other. After all, durability, cost effectiveness, environment-friendly and safety are the features that you can find in the powder coating materials. 

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