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Based in Frederick, Maryland, the Markey Brothers and their team create custom metal signage and decor using a unique 3D process to make high-quality pieces of art that will captivate your customers.

Take a look at what we can do for you:



72-inch Custom Sign
PepsiCo, Colorado

Our custom commercial signage is made with superior craftsmanship, enabling us to stand out from the competition and fabricate signs that last a lifetime. Commercial clients locally and nationwide come to us time and again for the quality of our signs and our attention to detail.



Entryway Sign  Real Health Studios

Entryway Sign
Real Health Studios

Are you a small business? No problem. We are able to match the style that many small businesses want to achieve for their space. With a completely custom process and an incredible range of colors of finishes, ShieldCo can provide the unique, artful sign you are looking for.



Amsterdam Canal Custom Commission

Amsterdam Canal
Custom Commission

Special custom art and decoration pieces take time and care to develop. With each custom commission, we take the time to understand your specific design needs. Thanks to 2D and 3D modeling technology, we are able to confirm all of the individual aspects of your design prior to fabrication.